Less Mills Group Fitness, Short Courses and Specialist Services

Personal Training

Personal Trainer

Working with a Personal Trainer offers you:

  • Structure – Having appointments with your trainer ensures structure and regular exercise.
  • Results – Our trainers are educated to get you results and make effective use of your exercise time.
  • Variety – Our trainers will keep your training interesting with different exercises and techniques to keep you on track
  • Motivation – Progress means results, and results equal more motivation to reach the next level of fitness.
  • Progression – As your fitness improves, your Trainer will modify your exercise to ensure maximum enjoyment and maximum results!
  • Above all else, a Personal Trainer is a training partner whose goal is to help you achieve your goals.

SCU Pool Swim Squad [Timetable]

Swim Squad

Fine tune your technique and breathing while increasing your fitness, you will learn to reduce drag and increase your balance in the water, while becoming aware of your posture.  Classes available 6.30am Wednesday and Friday or 6pm Tuesday and Thursday. All staff on the Pool deck are Life Guard trained and qualified.

Group Exercise Programs [Timetable]

Group Exercise Programs

The Gym is staffed by qualified floor staff who are available to assist with your program. A starter program with a trainer is included with all memberships.

Specialist Services

Specialist Services

right-arrow Exercise physiology

Qualified professional staff available for the delivery of exercise, lifestyle and behavioural modification with the aim of preventing or controlling chronic diseases and injuries.

right-arrow Injury prevention and rehabilitation

We work closely with GP’s and specialists to ensure you get back to work or back to your chosen sport pain free and fully functional.

right-arrow Weight loss/gain

Let us take the mystery and misconception out of what is not a complex issue and empower you to make life long changes. Save yourself the time, money and heart ache and get it right the first time.

right-arrow Sport specific training

Different sports require different muscles, energy systems, volumes and intensities. It is important that you train efficiently and effectively to maximise your potential. Our staff can do this for you.

right-arrow Exercise therapy

Do you know that exercise has been linked to lowering depression, increasing libido, giving you more energy and the only chemicals involved are feel good hormones produced when you exercise?

right-arrow Proactive disease prevention

Being physically active can decrease the risk of high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, diabetes and stroke. Regular exercise also helps maintain a healthy weight range.

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