February Business of the month

Welcome to FABULOUS FEBRUARY everyone!

Not only do we welcome the new month (that is jam packed full of fun and excitement), we introduce our very first EXCITING 2018 Business of the month, Sun and Earth Zinc!

For the month of Feb, we will be stocking Sun and Earth Zinc. Love and protect your skin by grabbing yourself some 🔆 natural moisturiser + SPF 30 + Tint zinc from reception! What are you using when you spend time outside, especially EXERCISING??? If your answer was nothing, then this is a must have!! Try one of the testers next time you are in!

WIN yourself a Sun and Earth Zinc by taking a pic of you in the sun, keeping fit and posting it on our INSTAGRAM page. We have 6 FREEBIES to give away! Be sure to #SCUFITNESS & #SUN.AND.EARTH.ZINC.

PURCHASE a zinc from reception this Feb and get a super 20% OFF! Limited time only!

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