Be Inspired 12 Week Program

Be Inspired

Introducing our LATEST 12 Week Program that kicks off April 2nd 2018, BE INSPIRED!

Be inspired has teamed up with Be Inspired Nutrition by Theresa Gray. Get ready to take your fitness, nutrition and overall health to a new level!

NOW before we go into detail, let’s JUMP straight for the juicy bit……………..

WHO WANTS TO WIN A BE INSPIRED ULTIMATE PROGRAM PACKAGE FOR TWO? Imagine that, kicking butt in the gym WITH your best buddy!!! (Package worth over $900.00)

LIKE our Facebook post, LIKE Be Inspired Nutrition by Theresa Gray, TAG your potential gym buddy who you want to win with and SHARE this post to WIN WIN WIN 😀 (buddy must be able to do same PT time as you!!)

Winner announced on Monday 26th March!!!


Not only do you get a 3 month VIP membership and WEEKLY personal training sessions with our amazing qualified team, this time around you get monthly nutrition consultations with our nutritionist on board, Theresa! What a perfect combo!

Whether you have never set foot in a gym before, you are a season trainer, you have a goal, you are ready for a change or you simply want some more guidance and support here at SCU, then this program is for you!

But wait, there’s more!! Register your name at reception to come to our Be Inspired Macro nutrient seminar run by Theresa.

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